Heal Colic and Reflux Webinar

Learn the causes, symptoms and the NATURAL ways to heal colic and reflux (aka Digestive Overload). Ease your baby’s pain once and for all, like thousands of families before you.


You have probably found yourself here because you know that your baby is in pain, despite what others might say. Many of you will have tried a number of things to help, but are still desperately seeking advice that actually makes a long term difference and ideally doesn’t involve medication.

You may have been led to believe that the cause of colic is unknown, and that reflux is caused by a ‘immature digestive system’. That these things are normal and your baby, and you, just have to survive, and struggle through the awful upheaval until they grow out of it. But that is, quite frankly and thankfully, a load of baloney.

Let me provide you with the revolutionary knowledge you have been missing to heal your child’s pain, and address the root causes instead of just the symptoms.

Listen to a proven, qualified perspective that offers clear, logical insight into the causes, along with the natural responses required to eliminate these for your baby.

No more feeling like you’re in a dark tunnel with little hope.

No more rocking your baby to sleep for hours on end.

No more living in the mode of survival.

No more pain for your baby

It’s time to enjoy each other the way you imagined.

all of the symptoms of colic and reflux

why these symptoms are caused by Digestive Overload

what is Digestive Overload

beneficial feeding practices to reduce symptoms, whether breast or bottle fed

how to reduce air intake to ease symptoms

how to read and respond knowingly to baby’s Six-Wind-Cues

understand your baby’s full array of cues and what to do in each moment

the basic digestive function of a baby from newborn to six months of age

numerous tools to ease your baby’s discomfort during the process of healing

the whys and why nots of reflux medication

create comfort by learning favourable daily patterns

establish healthy weight gain

foster developmental sleep

"Thank you doesn't even begin to convey my deep gratitude for your research and knowledge. My heart goes out to parents that don't have the salvation of your methods to guide them. Since finding them we are now heading in the right direction thanks to you. I appreciate you more than words can describe. I so frequently hear about newborns in our area that have acid reflux. How sad that these babies are suffering unnecessarily. We are out and about thanks to your advice! No more sitting at home with a screaming babe. Thank you for your life changing help."

Michelle | Mother of one - USA

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Like thousands of parents before you, reacquaint yourself with your dream of what you thought parenthood would be like, while nurturing a calmer daily life for your baby with this unique knowledge. You will also be able to ask the questions you’d like answered.

Seriously, we need everyone to be re-educated about newborns with the help of your fantastic and spot on advice. Either that or it needs to become a government initiative to educate according to your findings!

I have never felt so relieved in my life listening to your advice! It’s amazing to finally find someone that gets it and can help, and believe me, we have been to many professionals. But none of them have made as much sense as this. Thank you for being the answer to all my desperate prayers.

all this for only NZ$199

Yours for NZ$99.00

Tickets on sale and launch date confirmed end May 2020