Bio-logical Weaning

Foster health by adopting an infant focused approach that is logical, research based, aligns with World Health Organisation Guidelines, and nurtures alongside an infant’s digestive growth from 6-24 months, the age their digestive tract begins to function like an adults.

Glean Confidence

Whether you are about to introduce your child to the wonders of solid food, or you have been doing so for a while but you’d like some more advice, following this back to basics approach that nurtures your infant alongside their developing digestive function, while offering nutrient dense food and being mindful of allergies, will greatly assist you to foster a healthy pathway for your infant from six months to two years of age.

Bio-logical Weaning has been hailed as a total game changer for infant wellbeing, with its fresh perspective and core philosophy of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow. This favourable philosophy offers a clear, logical, and respectful way of introducing solids that are in line with World Health Organisations Guidelines, while also aligning with your infant’s nutritional needs at each age.

Furthermore, while the invaluable Bio-logical Weaning practice is suitable for all infants, it is especially advantageous for those infants that have been diagnosed with colic or reflux earlier in their life (or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these symptoms) or those that may be susceptible to intolerances, weight issues, or are perhaps prone to constipation.

Quite simply, Bio-logical Weaning combines the best of the current methods of Baby-led Weaning and Traditional Purees, whilst leading the way with common sense, and comprehensive wisdom. 

 further understanding of what Bio-logical Weaning is

 why the current cues for readiness are questionable 

six major digestive facts to know for health

 allergies and intolerances defined 

the truth about the latest information on allergenic foods at four months 

a guide on when to introduce certain foods groups like iron, gluten, soy, sugar 

the ‘whys and why nots’ of commercial baby food 

general guides for Bio-logical Weaning

 why some children might be labelled as a fussy feeder 

tips on how to warm your child up to those less enjoyed foods 

suitable textures and quantities of food and milk from six months to two years 

what foods to introduce at each age for best nutrition and gut health 

Bio-logical Daily Patterns 

“What a revelation this has been for us. I just had to write to say, deep, deep thanks for all of your years of research and knowledge. Before I found you my daughter was all over the place - she would toss and squirm when sleeping, cry, and her poo was so hard she bled when it passed. I was beside myself with worry for her, and then one desperate night I discovered your amazing ideas on solids! I felt so relieved to finally find some sensible advice, and since following this, have seen a remarkable improvement for Lucy. We are seriously forever indebted to you. Thank you just doesn’t feel enough for what you have given us.”

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Nurture well-being

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I felt so uncomfortable with Baby Led Weaning but all my friends were doing it so I suppose I just followed them. But then I came across Plain + Slow, which for me was like stumbling across gold, and my son has not looked back. He is so much more comfortable. Thank you.

What a blessing! I love your reasoning so much Philippa and all the research to support it. May this common sense prevail over the ill advice that exists.

all this for only NZ$199

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