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The online courses below hold a wealth of knowledge to help parents and health professionals care for our children in a healthy manner from newborn to two years of age.

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Postnatal Masterclass

This is a webinar for all pregnant and postnatal parents with a baby aged 0-6 months. Whether it’s your first time around, or your second or third child, the postnatal time with your child, or children, can be more harmonious with knowledge. So come and join me and learn how to care for your baby's daily health and development, along with some fun tips, in this one-of-a-kind webinar.

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Heal Colic and Reflux Naturally

Learn about the symptoms, causes and how to resolve your baby’s, or infant’s, colic, reflux and silent reflux naturally – yes that is possible!  This webinar steps you through everything you need to know to either ease your child’s pain, or prevent this for your child if you are pregnant. Despite what you might have heard, the causes of colic, reflux, and silent reflux are known, and they are curable. You don’t have to feel helpless. So please do join me for this informative, research based, but simple to follow webinar.

Bio-logical Weaning

Your choices when you introduce solids to your child and nurture them through their learning of food for the first two years of life can make a world of difference to their daily life, and yours. So what better way to help them than joining me on this back-to-basic webinar that offers understanding around the ‘whys and why nots’. Become confident in your choices.

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A Baby's Cues'

Feel truly connected with your baby with this extensive webinar, which provides an opportunity for parents to deepen their understanding of what their baby is truly communicating and how to respond knowingly WITH them to foster calm and nurture developmental sleep. Ideal for all parents that have a newborn to six months old, settled or unsettled.

Burping Bub's - Natures Wind Sequence

Acquire the world renowned, and effective method on how to burp your baby to optimum levels so they can feel more comfortable and at ease. BabyCues effective tools to burp your baby, and free them  while also becoming familiar with recognising their Six-Wind-Cues, my revolutionary discovery about a newborn’s cues. You’ll also learn the different causes for excessive air in the body, calming techniques and positions to relieve the pain, and my step-by-step method to releasing trapped wind, one of the major causes of reflux and colic symptoms (Digestive Overload).

Feeding Baby

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, using expressed breast milk or formula, learning how to fed your baby is of course paramount and I’d like to teach you all the aspects you need to know to do achieve this in the best, healthiest way possible, both for your child and you. So why don’t you join me for this Bio-logical Feeding Webinar? Feel empowered.