Philippa's speaking events have included...

ECE workshop - Inspire Kindness

14th March 2018
The Willows Early Learning Centre
Only 30 tickets available

This practical, invigorating workshop offers early childhood educators some tools to inspire and practice kindness within their ECE environment and beyond. BabyCues workshop delves into the many beneficial side effects of kindness, while providing projects that each teacher can take back to the classroom and implement.

Ideal for teachers of all ECE ages, this workshop will:
- Increase awareness of the child’s own emotions
- Help teachers to inspire caring individuals that create caring, trusting relationships
- Focus on introducing five concepts of kindness
- Provide activities to promote kindness to others
- Supply material for quick implementation of kindness in the classroom

Read testimonials from ECE teachers that have attended

Parenting workshop - A Baby's Cues

14th April 2018
The Willows Early Learning Centre, 248 Wairakei Road, Christchurch

Only 30 tickets available.

This extensive workshop provides an opportunity for parents to deepen their understanding of what a baby is truly communicating and how to respond knowingly with them to foster calm and nurture developmental sleep. It is an ideal workshop for all parents that have a newborn to six months old, settled or unsettled.

This workshop will:
- Introduce you to a baby’s innate Six-Wind-Cues and how to respond to these to release trapped wind
- Enable parents to distinguish between hunger, wind or Digestive Overload behaviours
- Teach responsive care for distressed behaviour like arching backwards and pedaling legs
- Explore calming techniques that nurture responsive care for baby while creating a balanced equilibrium for the parents
- Learn a baby’s real tired cues
- Identify strategies for settling and re-settling babies 


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