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Hi. Thank you for exploring my website and potentially looking to book an infant consultation. Unfortunately I am not currently taking any private consultations due to helping manage some family health issues. However feel free to glean more information on how to care for your baby postnatally with my BabyCues Prevent and Remedy Book for 0-6 month old's, or my Bio-logical Weaning Book for 6-24 month old's. You can also browse my BabyCues Blog.

Thanks for your understanding. Best Wishes.


This new, child focused way of introducing solids to your infant, at the ideal age of six months through to two years, is taking the world by storm. Blending Baby-led Weaning with the Traditional Puree method, BabyCues Bio-logical Weaning Guide takes this important infant transition a step further by teaching you how to offer both of these methods in accordance with your infant’s digestive capacities and capabilities at each age, while providing you with the ‘why’. This innovative, honest, easy to follow guide, is researched base, full of practical tips, and has a few things that might just surprise you!

Knowledge Shared

While I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have about your infants first six months of solids, there are certain aspects of care that I like to include when we chat:

  • the basic biology of an infant's digestive system and how to maintain balance
  • the ideal age to start solids and why
  • when to offer solids through a day to benefit sleep
  • healthy food options from six months to two years of age, inclusive of what to avoid
  • the ideal quantity and textures of solids at each age and stage
  • how much variety is truly good for our infants in the first eighteen months of solids
  • reasons and tips for fussy eaters
  • information on commercial food
  • purees and Baby Led Weaning
  • how to make nutritious homemade solids

It Makes So Much Sense


I love the way you have explained the biology behind your method of Plain and Slow. It makes so much sense, and even more so after watching Sophie enjoy her food now. Her sleep has improved too. It makes me frustrated with the advice I was given that led to her being upset. I so hope your wisdom and theory becomes a household go to for others.


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