Bio-logical Weaning

Foster health for your infant. Learn how to nurture them within their digestive development, while making sure they get all the right nutrients at each age.


Bio-logical Weaning (life-logical weaning) is a holistic, back-to-basic health approach that guides parents and health professionals on how to gradually wean infants off milk onto solids from six months to two years, based on their digestive capabilities, capacities and nutrient requirements, while also considering allergenic foods and intolerances.
Described as a timely revelation for our infants, the core philosophy of Bio-logical Weaning is Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow. By offering food, quantities and textures in a plain and slow way we highly aid developmental sleep, and regular stools because the child’s digestive system is respectfully introduced foods, nutrients, textures and quantities that are conducive to their natural evolution of enzyme and pancreas function and physical health.

This practice is a unique, researched based method of introducing solids to any infant, and is a total game changer for infant health. Especially for those that have been diagnosed with colic or reflux earlier in their life (or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these symptoms) or those that have intolerances, or weight issues. It puts a spotlight on the hype, marketing and ill health practices that parents are currently being taught, while having the potential to aid future obesity rates. The confidence and calm that this practice delivers also does a world of good for a parents mental health.

The Bio-logical Weaning practice, with the Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow philosophy, is progressive and paramount for this time, creating necessary changes in the often unfavourable current care practices for our infant’s wellbeing.


New Zealand

Philippa, your Bio-logical Weaning Guide has been our life saver! Before we discovered it my daughter wasn’t sleeping, would cry in obvious pain from being constipated. But after a week of following your brilliant advice all that changed. I had my happy little girl back. We are eternally grateful to you.


These days our infant’s digestive systems are being bombarded with far too much variety, textures and nutrients they cannot digest. They also seem to be experiencing intolerances that could be avoided, by slowing down our introduction of certain foods, and the way we serve these, to align with their exquisite developing digestive system.
Let me ask you this - did you know it takes two years for a child’s digestive tract to function like an adults? Two years! This is surprising to most parents given many are told to feed the same food they are having at a much earlier age than two. This biological fact doesn’t mean our infants are lacking in anyway. It’s simply the way we are all created, so why then are we in such a rush to have them eat like us?
The Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow philosophy offers a clear, logical, and respectful way of introducing solids that is in line with World Health Organisations Guidelines. It’s also in line with your infant’s needs because it’s based on their digestive biology. Not an adults.
So, if you’d like to explore the wonderful time of solids in step with your child’s natural digestive development and nutritional requirements, and feel confident in your choices by having a clear, researched based understanding of the ‘why’s and why nots’, then Bio-logical Weaning is for you.







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As a Mum and a health professional, my overwhelming indignation and heart break from witnessing literally ‘ill advice’ wash its way through the internet like a tidal wave, considerably changing our children’s mental and physical health, is my drive to stand up and share my methods of Bio-logical Weaning with a wider worldwide audience.

I am committed to shedding light on the truth behind some of the research and fads that parents are being fed, while also hoping to create a shift of balance where we move away from following the commercially marketed advice, and begin to base our choices on the child’s digestive biology and holistic development at each age and stage. This necessary shift in balance is one of the core reasons for the birthing of Bio-logical Weaning, many moons ago.

Philippa x