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In late 2012, Philippa conducted a four month national survey of New Zealand parents who had a newborn suffering from the digestive imbalances of colic and reflux. Along with answering specific questions the parents were given the opportunity to express their experience in their own words. 'Living with Colic and Reflux' is a promise made by Philippa to assemble their real experiences in hope of creating a parenting voice for change and understanding, both in New Zealand and worldwide.

There is much uplifting hope and gems of good advice among their experiences; but be forewarned, there is also heartache. You may find some of these realities upsetting. 

'We owe it to the parents that opened up their heartache to us to follow through on their wish to increase awareness about the reality of ‘colic’ and ‘reflux’ behaviours in their hope to ease the way for other families. On behalf of all that find solace, understanding, hope, familiarity, bravery and grace from your contributions, thank you.' Philippa Murphy

Note: None of the parents that took part in the survey had worked with BabyCues methods, or knew of Bio-logical Care before doing the survey. Philippa asks everyone to remain non-judgmental of these parents’ decisions in their time of upheaval — it has not been easy for them to relive the moments.


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