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This book is beautifully written. It is simple, concise, and based on wise teachings

This book is beautifully written. It is simple, concise, and based on wise teachings that empower parents to sensitively observe their baby’s cues and communication therefore helping them to respond respectfully. BabyCues is designed as an on-going reference book which breaks down the causes of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload and complements these descriptions with practical prevention and remedy strategies to comfort and calm your baby.

This manual unpacks some of the common misconceptions about relieving wind (such as giving a baby water to aid wind, or patting a babies back) and instead offers clear scientific explanations, using a new form of care called ‘Bio-logical Care (life-logical care)’ and a step-by-step guide called Natures Wind Sequence. This sequence (with corresponding images) demonstrates how to expel wind from your baby’s stomach after each feed. These methods are designed to support healthy developmental sleep patterns, combat an overloaded digestive system and promote positive feeding techniques. Additionally Babycues provides many other tips and teachings around co-sleeping, sleep deprivation, supporting siblings with a new baby and also experiences from parents who had a newborn suffering from the digestive imbalances of colic and reflux.

I highly recommend this book to anyone about to be parent or those looking for extra guidance and remedies to cure their baby’s upset tummy. Philippa has created a resource which is intuitive, practical and informative with a focus on understanding and responding to newborn’s cues and biology.

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