BabyCues - Book Reviews

Below are some reviews for the BabyCues book, received by health professionals, educators, and parents. 

I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux".

  • Dr Mangan
  • Doctor - MBChB DCH MRCGP RNZCGP and Mother

BabyCues book is a beautifully written practical guide on how to cope with the trauma of the desperately unsettled baby. As a GP I particularly liked the emphasis on the size of babies stomach and the implications of persistent over feeding and I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux". Increasingly I am distressed by the excessive prescribing of medications for our precious babies and the complete lack of support or decent advice for the unlucky parents dealing with their screaming children. 

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As a mother and a child social worker I highly recommend Philippa's book

  • Kelly Prince
  • Social Worker and Mother

My husband felt that our little boy was a science experiment with the number of remedies we had tried on him to no success.  However, I still felt the need to try one more possible solution and when the lady at the pharmacy suggested Philippa and her methods from BabyCues, I decided to give them ago. The strategies and techniques helped immensely and our little boy progressively became settled, calm and started to sleep through the night without waking in pain.

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I hope this becomes an international best-seller, it deserves to!

  • Andrea McLean
  • British Television Presenter and Mother

This book is brilliant, I wish it had been around when I had a new born! I devoured books to help me with my first born, as I was so used to being in control with the rest of my life, I needed a set of instructions to follow, to reassure me that I was doing the right thing! I remember sobbing when I got home from the hospital with him, raging at them for sending me home when I so obviously didn't know what to do with this precious bundle! I ended up ringing my cousin who calmed me down and talked me through things as an experienced mum, and made me feel less of an idiot.

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This book is beautifully written. It is simple, concise, and based on wise teachings

  • Memory Loader
  • Space Magazine Reviewer and Mother

Being a soon to be first time mama I have been reading anything I can get my hands on, and when this came across my desk I was very intrigued, firstly by the title BabyCues and secondly by Philippa’s enthusiasm for using natures logic to support babies and parents in understanding the sensitive stages of digestion. 

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I recommend this book to every parent, teacher and medical professional that I talk to.

  • Chowiee
  • Mother

My son, Rocco, was born at home and our first three days were blissful but at four days old we started noticing that he seemed very unsettled. Rocco was only content when feeding and the rest of the time I spent doing everything I could to stop him screaming in agony. I was extremely sleep deprived and I felt helpless.

I asked for advise from my midwife, GP, paediatrician, friends, family and other parents. When Rocco was about three months old a friend recommended BabyCues so we brought the eBook version.

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This book means you are not left with that helpless feeling of not knowing

  • Kate Hornblow
  • B Soc Sci, Founder of Natures Sway

I really think what Philippa has achieved is phenomenal. She has identified a universal infant language based on her experience of caring for multiples, and transposed those precious times with very young babies into a book that every new parent can use to learn their baby’s cues quickly and easily. 

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Your wind sequence is easy to follow and the baby wind cues are spot on

  • Victoria Jenkins
  • Mother of two - New Zealand

Thank you so much Philippa, the information in your book BabyCues put my daughter our of her painful digestive state after only 4 nights!!! Evie is 8 months and had been suffering on and off but constantly for the past 2 months, screaming in pain for hours every night and myself getting more and more run down. 

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We finally saw a light in what was a very bleak place.

May 2015 found us as new parents to a beautiful newborn who was suffering with major gastrointestinal issues. Nothing we had tried was working, our little girl wasn't gaining weight, and sleep was escaping all of us as our babe screamed her little lungs out. One night, a desperate internet search for some answers led us to a newly released online edition of Baby Cues. We both read it front to back that first night, and immediately started implementing some of Phillipa's suggestions. We fumbled about trying some of her positioning suggestions, and despite our awkward attempts, they worked! We finally saw a light in what was a very bleak place. We're over a year down the track now, and continue to find the knowledge gained from Baby Cues indispensable. For anyone with a baby or a baby on the way, this needs to be in your tool box.


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