Please pre-order your Bio-logical Weaning Guide below. On receiving your order you will be sent a PayPal request for payment of NZ$25.95, which will also incur a small NZ$10.00 fee. I will then send you your helpful guide by the 10th of November at the latest.

Please note, this guide is in an electronic booklet format (PDF) that will cover the topics of...

Basic research on your infants digestive function from 6 months to one year age, backing up why I recommend Bio-logical Weaning methods

It will discuss the latest research on offering foods early to reduce the chances of allergies

the signs and symptoms of allergies and food intolerances and what to do about them

Facts about commercial foods

Foods to avoid

Which foods are best at each age

Food combinations at each age

Healthy levels of certain food groups and different ages like salt, sugar, wheat

How much to feed at each age, and how to gently increase these to avoid Digestive Overload symptoms

Examples of Bio-logical Daily Patterns inclusive of milk feeds, solid feeds and sleeps

This Bio-logical Weaning Guide will be packed with research supported information to help you confidently introduce solid food to your gorgeous bundle of joy. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy today.

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