BabyCues Bio-logical Care

Learn how to nurture your baby within their gift of nature.

Bio-logical Care (purposefully hyphened to accentuate its meaning, life-logical care) is a holistic method of care that respectfully works alongside a newborns digestive capacities and capabilities for each age and stage. Nurturing within the factual foundation of early our biology, Bio-logical Care provides a new understanding on the intimate cues formed by a baby’s digestive system, and fosters receptive care based on these cues – inclusive of my discovery of a universal baby language that I have coined the Six-Wind-Cues.

Bio-logical Care stems a separation that seems to be developing in Western society; a separation that has us believing a newborn's body works a lot differently to an adult's and 'each baby is different.' The latter part of this statement is of course partly true. We all have our own DNA making us susceptible to certain behaviours or digestive sensitivities – this remains a considered aspect for your newborn and my delivery of care and advice. However, if we start with the basics of biology then, in the majority of cases, 'each newborn is the same.' Our fundamental biology that makes us human dictates this to be so - this is the solid platform on which Bio-logical Care is based.

Over my 23 years of working with babies, one important aspect I have learnt is that you cannot achieve developmental sleep for a newborn, and some infants, without looking at their input and output levels. This includes a multitude of feeding aspects, burping, and the consistency, frequency and colour of bowel motions - Bio-logical Care does this. When all of these things are in tune with a baby’s natural digestive function they:

  • become more settled
  • sleep longer and more soundly, thus stimulating healthy growth and development
  • cry less, and when they do cry they are easily soothed because parents learn to read and respond to their needs within the knowledge of Bio-logical Care
  • have healthy weight gains – not unhealthy large weight gains from being overfed
  • avoid the behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload, or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these behaviours.

Quite simply, Bio-logical Care nurtures a developmental, intuitive understanding between the parent and baby, which stimulates confidence for both parties. In turn this creates a positive, calm environment for attachment parenting - or what I like to call, love and caring. To understand more of the logic behind Bio-logical Care you may like to read my Digestive Overload page. 

Bio-logical Feeding + Bio-logical Winding = Bio-logical Sleep