Bio-logical Care (purposefully hyphened to accentuate its meaning of life-logical care) teaches parents and health professionals a method of care that holistically nurtures a child in the first year of life by respectfully working alongside their digestive capacities and capabilities for each age and stage, while respectfully responding to their full array of cues – inclusive of my discovery of a universal baby language that I have coined the Six-Wind-Cues.

When we nurture a baby, or infant within the proven research of how their early digestive biology functions we have a firm foundation that helps us make good decisions for them in each moment, and this is a foundation that largely suits the majority of newborns for it is based on biology. Once this is known we can then begin to examine the individual circumstances of each child that may influence unsettled behaviour like the care practices that are being provided and genetic sensitives. Marry this with the understanding of a newborn's intimate cues, which are largely formed by their digestive system in the first three months of life, and we can truly foster receptive care that stimulates optimum physical and mental development. Inclusive of natural, calm feeding patterns and settled sleep.

Bio-logical Care is my hypothesis, birthed from thousands of hands on hours in my early career as a Maternity Nurse specialising in the care of newborn twins, living in with families, working twenty-four hours a day, six days a week. During this time I had the pleasure of constantly observing newborn communication and soon discovered that much of what the babies were saying, whether calm or upset, was closely related to movement in their digestive tract. Thus my clinical research began.

After six years of hands on monitoring and learning from the babies themselves, I had the opportunity to studying our early digestive biology and the connection of this with our early brain development. On learning that so much of what I had been taught, and what many parents still are being taught today, actually compromises digestive health, I began to further change my form of care - combining the universal communication that the newborns had shown me with nature’s gifts. Magnificent results began to happen. This is when I truly realised that we can help our unsettled newborns greatly as well as naturally reduce, if not eliminate, colic, reflux (GER/GOR), lactose and dairy overload naturally - or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these behaviours. No need for medication and no need for the mental and physical debris that an unsettled baby can feel and create in a family. But a great need for change in the way we care for our children in the first year of life in order to create the best possible outcomes for them.

Bio-logical Care is not only logical, responsive, respectful and intimate. It supports healthy digestive function for your baby along with parenting confidence and attachment because you learn how to knowingly respond to your baby’s full array of cues in each moment with the solid, but simple knowledge of their digestive biology aiding your decisions. It stands to reason then that Bio-logical Care also supports social, emotional and cognitive development for baby’s and all at a time of their exponential growth.

Believe me when I say, until you have nurtured a newborn, or introduced and fed solids to your infant using Bio-logical Care, you don’t really know how settled and calm children can be in that first year of life. But if you don't believe me, please feel free to read what parents are saying about Bio-logical Care.     

When all of the aspects of feeding and winding are in tune with a baby’s natural digestive function they:

  • become more settled
  • sleep longer and more soundly, thus stimulating healthy growth and development
  • cry less, and when they do cry they are easily soothed because you learn to read and respond to their needs within the knowledge of Bio-logical Care
  • have healthy weight gains – not unhealthy large weight gains from being overfed
  • avoid the behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload, or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these behaviours.

Quite simply, Bio-logical Care nurtures a developmental, intuitive understanding between you and your baby, which creates a positive, calm environment for love and caring.



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