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Written for all parents, BabyCues is a revolutionary self-help parenting book that delivers original, proven findings and practical know-how to help parents achieve natural digestive balance for their newborn that also heals colic and reflux symptoms naturally, throughout their first six months of life.


Dr Mangan - MBChB DCH MRCGP RNZCGP and Mother

Dr Mangan - MBChB DCH MRCGP RNZCGP and Mother

BabyCues book is a beautifully written practical guide on how to cope with a desperately unsettled baby. As a GP I am increasingly distressed by the excessive prescribing of medications for our precious babies and the complete lack of support or decent advice for the unlucky parents dealing with their screaming children. As a mother of a child diagnosed with "reflux" I just wish I had had Philippa's great advice to hand. Her "back to basic" nurturing techniques would have made my life and my daughter's first few months a lot more enjoyable instead of the hellish time I recollect. I particularly liked the emphasis on the size of babies stomach and the implications of persistent over feeding and I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux".  I believe that this book will help other parents to avoid the nightmare and instead discover a nurturing way to manage their baby's problems.


This book is perfect for you if you want to learn how to nurture alongside your child’s natural digestive biology from newborn to six months of age, while confidently understanding and being able to respond to their full array of cues, and who doesn’t want to do that? Right?
It will also help you to reduce, if not eliminate the abnormal behaviours of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, sleep regression, lactose overload, dairy overload and inconsolable crying as it explains the natural causes of these behaviours, and steps you through the solutions.
Nurturing families through myths, conundrums, remedies and biological facts, BabyCues unveils - for the first time ever – a baby’s innate relationship with trapped air in the stomach, the mechanism of this and my original discovery of their innate Six-Wind-Cues.
All of which fosters care that is logical, responsive, respectful and intimate, thus stimulating positive mental and physical development for your child.

There is a manual for all babies.
We call it biology,
Mother Nature calls it life.

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"Having our first baby 32 weeks premature with wind and spilling issues from birth I was at my wits end. We implemented BabyCues approach from five weeks old and he has flourished ever since. I highly recommend that all new mums read this book while they’re pregnant - I wish I had!"




the causes of your baby’s upset, inclusive of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, sleep regression, lactose overload, dairy overload and crying

how to heal those causes naturally

what your baby is truly saying to you and how to confidently respond in each moment to their needs

how to burp you baby to reduce their discomfort

calming techniques and appropriate positions

breastfeeding inclusive of a healthy diet for you AND bubs

bottle feeding techniques

ways to establish suitable developmental sleep

Daily Bio-logical Patterns from newborn to six months

eBook only, sorry paperback currently sold out

ebook NZD$29.95

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Thank you so much Philippa, the information in your book BabyCues put my daughter out of her painful digestive state after only 4 nights!!! I look forward to your work being mainstream worldwide as it will literally change the lives of all mums, bubs and families. I'm going to tell as many people as I can and am very, very grateful for the way you've changed my family's life in just a few days. You are a legend! xxx



Join thousands of other parents that haven’t waited, and are now enjoying their baby so much moreYour child does not have to be in pain.

“I feel empowered. Now I have the tools to sooth my baby.”

“The best decision I made for my boys was to trust in this.”

“I can’t believe I wasn’t taught this. It’s so important.”

“I can now understand what my daughter needs.”

“The change in my little girl was instant.”

“What a salvation for parents.”

“All parents should read this.”

“Finally it all makes sense.”

“Your words are like gold.”

“What a godsend.”

eBook only, sorry paperback currently sold out

ebook NZD$29.95

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