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Natural, preventative and remedial interventions

Connect, recognise, and implement holistic postnatal practices 

We provide expert, scientific, postnatal education that prevents and eliminates colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, some cases of CMPA, and lactose and dairy overload symptoms NATURALLY, by focusing on the relationship between newborn digestive biology, interpreting cues, and the care practices that align with these.

So, if you are a student, or an organisation of thousands that would like to help families eliminate these symptoms and heartache, join us. 

Gain insights that are truly unmatched, to fully offer the support, knowledge and hands-on practices that genuinely stop this somewhat silent pandemic of pain for our young, once and for all.

let's nurture with nature's innate wisdom

Learn how to solve colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour and  lactose and dairy overload naturally. 

What we teach seriously changes lives!

Four Primary Coaching's that are like no other you have ever undertaken, adding to best practices like never before. 

Accredited Coaching with an ongoing collective platform for the further global integration of this revolutionary knowledge with likeminded professionals.

The opportunity to expand your toolbox with disciplines that build confidence and offer strategies that work for families.

Training for individuals, groups, or organisations so we can collectively obtain continuity in care for this silent pandemic.


  • To qualify for our coaching you will ideally hold a healthcare, or childcare qualification There is more on this in our Curriculum Guide. A recognised certification that provides you with an understanding of how the ‘patient’ and professional relationship is nurtured, clinical notes are recorded and clear health pathways are communicated, will greatly aid you within our course content.
  • You will need to complete all our coaching subjects with a pass rate of 75%, and to remain accredited in that subject, complete two online multiple choice case studies, that we will notify you about every year. The pass rate for these is also 75%, and this has a small retainer fee of US$190.00 each year.
  • Should you choose to complete all of our Four Primary Coaching’s, thus qualifying you as a BabyCues Certified Practitioner, you will need to attend two of our three online Q & A’s with our founder every year to remain certified, further your learning and keep up-to-date with related research and practice advancements. This has a small retainer fee of US$250.00 each year. At this point you would stop doing online case studies for each coaching subject. 
  • Our coaching is online and through the third party provider, Thinkific. We will guide you to set up an account with them so we can track your accreditation of each coaching, to progress your qualification to becoming a BabyCues Certified Practitioner when appropriately completed.

our curriculum

Our curriculum teaches two pathways of care under the umbrella of Bio-logical Practice. The first of these is Bio-logical Care, which covers 0-6 month olds. The second pathway is Bio-logical Weaning, which encompasses solids introduction from 6-24 months. The BabyCues Academy have then entwinned these practices into Four Primary Coaching's so you can become a fully BabyCues Certified Practitioner.

accreditation and certification


On completion of each individual accredited coaching subject below, you will become a BabyCues Accredited Coach in that subject, and be registered as a provider for this on our up-and-coming BabyCues Academy Provider Register. On completing all four coaching's below, otherwise known as the Four Primary Coaching's, you will become a qualified BabyCues Certified Practitioner, which will upgrade your listing on our register.


Cues & Calming

Master the ability to teach parents how to truly diagnose what their baby is communicating through their innate cues, and how to then respond knowingly to that communication so they can cultivate intuitive, baby-led care that generates confidence, attachment, and security. This clinical research about a baby's cues, and how to calm them, is exceptional, surprising, and creates a deeper evolvement toward being baby-led than ever before, whilst alleviating the symptoms of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, and CMPA.

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Burping & Gas

This coaching is for health professionals wanting to further their education with evidence based knowledge about the causes and effects of trapped air and gas in a newborn’s body, up to the age of six months. You'll learn the concise practice of Bio-logical Burping, that helps ease and abate aerophagia pain and symptoms resulting from excess air, like colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour and more. You'll also acquire the ability to teach one of our founders life changing skills - Nature's Wind Sequence.

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Colic, Reflux, CMPA

This coaching, provided by the Academy’s Founder, the worlds original innovator of remedying these symptoms naturally, is seriously one-of-a-kind as she shares her findings and the biological understanding of Digestive Overload, the physiological cause of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload and misdiagnosed CMPA.

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Bio-logical Solids

Discover how to achieve optimal digestive health, strong immunity, optimal sleep, and a healthy relationship with food for our infants, while supporting their parents with positive nutritional education so they can confidently offer an age appropriate diet, textures and amounts based on the infant’s digestive and oral development. Given gut health is deeply connected to mental, physical and emotional health, this coaching is a must for any professional working with infants.

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Become a BabyCues Certified Practitioner

Sophie - UK Midwife

As a midwife and a mother that Philippa has consulted with, I am sure Philippa will go down in history for her discoveries. How she worked all of this out through her time, knowledge, training, efforts and observations, and then put it into practice and teachings, makes her an absolute genius! Not only are her practices a way through to the beautiful shining light at the end of what is often a very dark tunnel for too many families, they provide an innovative, rational approach for universal maternal health. All health professionals and practices would benefit their families greatly with the awareness she provides. Outstanding!


Dr Mangan - MBChB DCH MRCGP RNZCGP and Mother

As a GP I am increasingly distressed by the excessive prescribing of medications for our precious babies and the complete lack of support or decent advice for the unlucky parents dealing with their screaming children. As a mother of a child diagnosed with 'reflux' I just wish I had had Philippa's great advice to hand. Her 'back to basic' nurturing techniques would have made my life and my daughter's first few months a lot more enjoyable instead of the hellish time I recollect. I particularly liked the emphasis on the size of babies stomach and the implications of persistent over feeding and I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of 'reflux'. I wholeheartedly believe that this information will help other parents to avoid the nightmare, and instead discover a nurturing way to manage their baby's problems.

collaborative care initiatives are essential

Hi, I'm Philippa Murphy

As a mother, Postnatal Practitioner, a Certified International Integrative Health Coach with a background in Child Development and Psychology, educator, researcher, a specialist in healing colic and reflux naturally, and a two-time author, my discoveries over thirty years now offer newborns, infants, parents and healthcare providers a progressive perspective, that not only reunites us with nature's simplistic and yet miraculous biology, but also clears modern day confusion with science based logic, and clinical evidence.

My next step, and heartfelt wish is to bring my life-changing know-how to the masses via the hands of skilled health workers, that like me, feel a strong calling to remain open to new knowledge that can protect, encourage, and empower a calmer daily life for families, while forging positive future health for our children. For they, and their parents, are literally crying out for change as many struggle in pain on a daily basis, often leading to the cessation of breastfeeding, prescribed formulas, thickeners, reflux medication and other medical pathways that could have been avoided. 

If we are to transform this trajectory of ill health for our newborns and infants, ease the obesity and mental health rates across the world, and heal the pandemic that is colic, reflux and CMPA then we need to diversify. We also need to collaborate on improvements for continuity of care, and predictive prevention to enable healthy, happy families.  

The BabyCues Academy embraces this enormous challenge before us, while inviting and stepping forth with other providers as a small piece of the puzzle that hopes to make significant impacts.

Let's do this! 

Philippa x

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our philosophy


The BabyCues Academy philosophy is firmly based on teaching parents how to nurture alongside the child's mental and physical biology, with a keen focus on how to respectfully protect a child's digestive development in the first two years of life to create present and future long-term health outcomes. Thus answering the call of the World Health Organisation to combat the pandemic of obesity within childhood, whilst providing professionals the much needed information they require to heal colic, reflux, silent reflux, lactose and dairy overload and the witching hour naturally.



our hope

Based on factual science, and clinical outcomes that have successfully integrated these philosophy’s with parents and other health providers, we aspire to build a global, educated collective that will deliver and continue our founders goal and success to naturally extinguish the unnecessary newborn pain that is currently labelled colic, reflux, silent reflux, lactose and dairy overload and the witching hour, whilst establishing improved approaches to the treatment of intolerances. We also have a strong vision and commitment to enhance preventative education so that the critical health outcomes from these symptoms can be avoided.



BabyCues Four Primary Coachings

Cues & Calming

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Burping & Gas

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Colic, Reflux, CMPA

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Bio-logical Solids

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